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For those of you that are trying to figure out GDPR and making updates to your site for GDPR, I’m sure you’ve run into some frustration. One, the tools are just now coming out with all the features needed to allow you to more easily implement GDPR features. Two, it’s a legal thing and there seems to be different interpretations of what you do and don’t need to do.

I’ll admit that I’ve had my own frustration around GDPR and trying to figure out what is really needed. Yet, the thing that I come back to that allows me to move through the frustration and confusing information is to remember that it’s about giving those that might become my subscribers more choice and freedom of choice.

If you haven’t heard of GDPR, be sure to read What You Need to Know. You’ll see on my site that I’ve implemented the aspect of GDPR that requires choice by adding checkboxes on my signup forms.

GDPR Compliant Form

In our quickly transforming world of technology and marketing, I think that we often feel that we don’t have choice. If you spend time in the online world, you know that every time you sign up to get someone’s freebie, you end up on their mailing list and start receiving information that you may or may not want. It’s become easier to unsubscribe, but that’s after the fact. Maybe you really just wanted their freebie and you didn’t want to be on their mailing list. Well, that is what GDPR is focused on. It’s about choice and the protection of your rights around your data.

So, why is choice so important. Well, choice is an energy. When we choose, we are selecting a flow of energy to participate in. When we allow someone to choose whether they want to receive our newsletter at the time they download our freebie, we are allowing them their choice to connect with the energy of our community or not. If they aren’t ready for that and they are still testing the waters, then they get choice. I think that freedom of choice is incredibly powerful! I would much rather have someone want to be part of my online community vs feel like they ended up part of it when they didn’t want it.

Your online community is a collection of the energies of those that become part of your community. While we don’t feel and experience the energy of each other the same way online as we do in person, the energies of those in our newsletter list are connected. They form an energy. They create a space. They are a group. They are a group of people that have chosen to follow you. How wonderful is that! They have CHOSEN to follow you. That’s awesome! Be thankful for that. Don’t worry about the ones who didn’t say Yes to get your newsletter when they downloaded your freebie. It’s OK, they just weren’t ready. They are still on the outside looking in. If the energy of the group feels right in the future, they will return. You just have to trust.

If someone loves your freebie, then they will likely come back and signup for your newsletter. Just make sure you have a newsletter signup on your page somewhere so that they can easily do that. In fact, modifying the email that you send them with their freebie would be a great place to have a link letting them know that if they like the freebie and they aren’t signed up for your newsletter, they should do it! You could also just send anyone who didn’t check the box a reminder to make sure they received the download and to signup for your newsletter if they liked it the freebie. I wouldn’t send them any additional emails after that as that would be violating the intent of GDPR.

Thank You for being part of my community. I appreciate each one of you and am glad you are here.