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Asana has a feature called Asana Project Boards.  They have evolved from the concept around the Agile software world where sticky notes are used to plan the work that needs to be done.  I love using this feature of Asana to plan yearly goals.

First, Why goals?

Well, we all know that setting goals is key to getting things done.  Yet, often we don’t set goals because we are worried that we may not meet them or we won’t know how to do them.  I’m not going to rehash the importance of goals here.  You know you need them!  Now, let’s get them in a form where they are fun and easy to see!

Second, Why Asana?

Goals can be tracked anywhere.  If you prefer MS Word or Excel, that’s fine.  The reason I love Asana for this particular task is that you can easily drag and drop your goals between quarters and that makes is super easy to plan and brainstorm and adjust as you go!  It’s the whole reason someone came up with the ideas of stickies on a whiteboard. You can move them around easily.

How Detailed Should Yearly Goals Be?

My perspective is that yearly goals need to be less rather than more.  Focus on a few big projects that you want to complete or a few key metrics that you want to improve and focus on those.  Monthly and weekly goals can be a lot more detailed.

What Timeframe Should my Goals Be?

I like to plan yearly goals by quarter.  This allows looking at the year in four major chunks.  Quarters are enough time to compete a good sized project and see some really improvement in key metrics.

Step by Step on Creating a Project Board in Asana and Setting some Goals

  1. Create an account in Asana if you haven’t already
  2. Use the Workspace for your Company (Create a workspace for your business if you haven’t already)
  3. Create a new project and be sure to select Board and not List
  4. Create your Project on the Left Hand Side in Asana
  5. Create your Goals and Plan Your Year

How Often Should I Review My Quarterly Goals

My recommendation is that you put a process in place where you review your quarterly goals at the first of each month. Each month, you should plan what you will complete that month and make sure you are doing what is required to meet your quarterly goals. This also allows you to adjust them if you have identified a new goal for the year or if you need to push a goal out.

What’s the Most Important Thing Around Goals?

Be sure that you take to celebrate and be grateful when you complete a goal. The energy of gratitude and appreciation and celebration are important. They provide a moment to honor what you have created! Creation is a powerful energy! Be thankful for it and celebrate it!