Hi, I’m Sheila, a technology consultant, web designer, project manager and author. I help heart-centered business owners, the lightworkers of the world, with technology. I build websites and make technology work for them, so they can spend more time focusing on growing their business and doing what they love.
When I talk with people, I often find that they don’t particularly love technology and they definitely don’t find joy in it. Sometimes, I feel the same way. Yet, the majority of the time, I absolutely love technology and I can’t wait to start my day, especially when there are new problems to solve and something to figure out. I actually have to force myself not to look at my phone or turn on my computer until after my morning meditation is complete or I end up working on something and not even doing my morning meditation. One of the things that people often tell me is that technology just works for you. Sometimes I get on the phone with someone and they will show me their problem and when they show me, it’s already working or fixed. Their response… ‘How did you do that?’. Why does it just work for you?

Intention is the Key

When I sit down to work on something related to technology, my intention is that it will work. My intention is that I will figure it out. My intention is that a solution is available and I just need to find it or more importantly, allow it. It’s really no different than when you sit down to do what you do. When you are good at something, you just expect it to work. The challenge is that when we aren’t good at something, we bring our fears and our worry into whatever we do. We then attract energy that doesn’t work and we bring that energy into whatever we are doing.


Intention: a determination to act in a certain way; what one intends to do or bring about  – Webster
For many people, that thing in their business that they hate is technology. Yet, what would happen if you brought love to what you hate, if you brought intention to making it work.

Intention Matters

Recently, I was working with a client and they have some pretty big technology changes happening that included moving their email addresses. I’ve moved email and domains before and sometimes things go smoothly and sometimes they don’t. Even as I write this, I’m realizing that I have a few of my own fears around moving domains and email addresses, because it seems to be different with every provider, so you never quite know what’s going to happen or how long it will take. I could feel that it was time to just make the change and they were ready as they were asking me questions and moving ahead. So, we just made the change for the domain in the morning. Mysteriously, the DNS updates had completed within hours. Recently, with different providers, it’s taken well over 24 hours for these types of changes to complete. In the afternoon, we switched the email addresses. By this point, I expected things to be immediate and when they took several hours to complete, I noticed my frustration and desire for it to just happen! What I realized in my meditation this AM was that this client’s intention allowed the changes to happen quickly. While they didn’t know how to do the technology change themselves, they expected it to work. And it did! In less than 12 hours, we had moved the domain and their email address to a new registrar and hosting provider and the site was only down about 2 hours in the morning while the DNS changes propagated! Intention matters!

Changing Your Intention

Changing your intention is really just changing what you’re thinking. When you find yourself thinking that something is going to take forever or that this technology change is going to be painful. Take a breath and remind yourself that you can think a new thought.

Try something like these:

  • Technology can be fun
  • I can figure this out
  • Technology is effortless
  • I am calm when working with technology

You can even visualize that what you need to do already complete. We often do that for goals and big things we want in life, but you can do it with little things that you do every day. Imagine your blog post already published and your newsletter sent out and people are reading it. Imagine that your website looks exactly like you want it to and your friends are telling you it looks great!

Do you have any examples of intention and technology? I would love to hear about them! Share them in the comments or send me an email.