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This is definitely my new favorite tool! I remember looking at it several months ago and it just didn’t make sense to me. Someone else recently recommended it again, so I thought I should dig in and find out what it was and how it worked. Unroll.Me is saving me time each day and streamling my process for reading email. I am LOVING it!

Unroll.Me aims to make your inbox and inbox you love and not dread. Good, right? I think so! We end up on lists upon lists and don’t have an easy way to filter out the junk to get to what we really need to pay attention to, the real emails. The emails from family and friends or a new client you don’t want to miss!

I love this video they created that shows the benefits and user experience! It really is easy!

How Does It Work?

I always want to know how something works before I commit to using it. Unroll.Me connects to your email account and identifies all of your subscription emails and presents a list to you that you can ‘roll up’ into a daily summary email, unsubscribe from or keep in your inbox. I am only keeping the ones in my inbox that I want to read the entire email. The rest I have unsubscribed or rolled up. This beautiful rollup email is then sent to you once a day at your preferred time in the morning, afternoon or evening. Where are those actual emails? They are in a folder in your mail account called unroll.me. You can always go look at them manually if you want.

How Do You Use It?

You can download the app on the Apple or Android store and setup your email and get started that way. You can also just go to unroll.me and setup the account and connection there. I use both the online version and the apps and they are super easy to use.

Using Unroll.Me on the Web

Using Unroll.Me on an iPhone

Avoiding the 60-100 individual emails that are all just subscriptions or newsletters has allowed me to not be distracted by email all day long. Now, when email comes in, I know I need to deal with it. The real benefit comes from being willing to look at the new emails that it finds every couple of days so that you keep training it to know what emails you want in your inbox and what you want in the RollUp. Don’t give up, stick with it and get back some precious time in your email life!

And the best part?? It’s FREE!!