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Write Like a MOFO Online Website Creation

I’ve been part of Jacq’s writing community from the first writing session. I was thrilled that she decided to continue and create this amazing community. I’ve discovered my writing strength through Jacq’s support. Creating a membership site was a natural next step as she had already built a following.

Her current site is in Squarespace, so using Memberspace with Squarespace was a perfect fit. She can continue to edit the pages in a tool that she is familiar with while keeping the pages secured using Memberspace.

I helped her transition the members from the existing tool she was using into Memberspace. The site is built with a secondary menu inside of the environment using some Squarespace tricks and CSS. Several blogs are utilized for the content so that it’s easy to add content going forward.

It was a such a pleasure doing the site and now getting to enjoy the amazing content being a member of the community.

Project Details

Client Write Like a MOFO Online
Skills Website, Squarespace, Memberspace
View writelikeamofo.online

I had been dreaming of getting a more professional membership site online for ages but the thought was overwhelming. I could not have done this without Sheila. She made it easy for me and kept me up to speed every step of the way. At the end of the project, she shared resources to help me make updates — making my life even easier!

I’m thrilled with how the site turned out and have received so many emails from our community members who said things like, “I gasped when I saw it! It’s so beautiful!” and, “Congratulations, the site looks fantastic!” I, of course, gave all the credit to Sheila, the true tech fairy.

Jacqueline Fisch

Owner, writelikeamofo.online