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Jacqueline & I met through a mutual course that we were doing. After meeting for many months as part of the class and me helping her with little things for her website, she allowed me to update her site to a new theme. She had amazing content and a significant amount of traffic to her website, so the focus was to improve the look and feel and mobile usability.

My favorite WordPress theme is Divi for it’s ultimate flexibility and abundance of plugins that enhance the functionality. After agreeing on some new colors and an updated logo from her graphic designer, I setup a staging environment to do the site update. I created new page layouts for her major pages that shared the same content, while making it more friendly to navigate and find. We expanded the footer to highlight her awards. We kept the blog very similar to it’s previous layout so that it didn’t feel too different for her audience.

I love the challenge of making sure an existing site doesn’t lose it’s SEO or familiarity to an existing audience. For the new pages, I made sure to keep the SEO Titles and descriptions as they were before, so that from a search bot perspective, her content was still consistent.

Project Details

Client Jacqueline Sinfield
Skills WordPress Convertkit, WordPress
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