The Bright Spark

The Bright Spark Website Creation

AmayahGrace needed a website for a new service offering that she was ready to launch.  The service, The Bright Spark,  was unique enough and different from her current service offerings that she wished for a new website to share this service.  I was excited and honored to embark on this journey with her!  Every website that I create takes me on a journey into what my client is thinking and feeling.  I love connecting with my clients to understand what their goals are and what they want to express in creating something online!  AmayahGrace was amazing at describing what she wanted and it was a joy to bring it forth!

Initially, I built a test website in both Weebly and Wix to determine which would facilitate having a repeating page background the best.  I chose Wix for it’s flexibility in every detail of design.  With Wix, you have complete control over where every element is placed in the header, body and footer of the page.  This was key to be able to get the design exactly as AmayahGrace envisioned it.

My focus with any new website is to make sure that all the fundamentals are in place.  Fundamentals include things such as SEO on every page with a page title and a description, featured images for sharing on Facebook, consistently wording across the site and photo sizes that are as minimal as possible for fast page loading.  I also made sure that the site was submitted to the Google Search Console and that some type of analytics was setup to monitor traffic.

What I enjoyed most about creating this website is knowing that I have helped to bring forth a new service for humanity, a service that is not being offered anywhere else.  The Bright Spark is a unique offering and has the possibility to create amazing change in the world as we usher in Children of the Christ Consciousness.


Client  AmayahGrace
Skills Web, Wix

“Working with Sheila has been a real joy.  Her technical skills, coupled with patience, kindness, insight and all-round helpfulness, made the whole process so easy – and I’m delighted at what we’ve produced together.  Thank you!” AmayahGrace