Tara Jolly

Tara Jolly Website Development

I’ve enjoyed working with Tara over the past several years as her career has shifted into her heart’s desire. When she reached out to me to help with her website, I was overjoyed to bring her new world of coaching online. Tara wanted a simple clean site in her favorite tool, Squarespace. We found a font to create her logo in and with Tara’s eloquently written content, I organized the site to showcase her personality and offerings.

She also wanted a simple way for people to schedule an introduction call with her, so I setup Calendly for her. Calendly’s free version allows a single appt that you can sync to your online calendar account. It’s a great way to leverage technology for no additional cost.

Project Details

Client Tara Jolly
Skills Website, Squarespace, Tools
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“Sheila is the absolute best. She makes everything easy and communicates each step in such a simple, clear cut manner. The first version of my website was near perfect; she made my vision come to life in such precise detail that it only needed minor tweaking. She is truly an expert at what she’s doing – I trust her opinion and skills in technology above anything and anyone else. She knows every tool, technique, platform, service, etc. that’s out there. Along with her skills and experience, she has a huge heart that shines through in every interaction. If you want to make your tech life as easy and enjoyable as possible, work with Sheila!”
Tara Jolly

Personal Transformation Coach, Tara Jolly