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Dr Hicks was my favorite chiropractor while I lived in Arizona. I still go back to see him when I visit Arizona. I enjoy going into the office and all of his staff and massage therapists are awesome!

He initially asked me to help him out with a vendor he was using for some website work and with implementing an online scheduling tool for his office to save time. I love tools, especially those that save time, so I was all in on doing some research for him. After looking at many tools for allowing scheduling of 10+ people, we settled on Acuity Scheduling. I setup Acuity and trained his office staff on using it.

He wanted his website refreshed as well. His business was expanding to open another office that would offer different services, which would require a separate site. I recommended that we create a landing page for the main business name and then have two subdomains for each office. In order to allow for easy updating of massage therapists, I used a team member plugin for the staff.

Other things I kept in mind were his existing SEO as well as page names so that when the site was moved, it would all redirect correctly.

Project Details

Client Ryan Hicks
Skills Website, Tools, Scheduling
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