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Alyssa was referred to me by a mutual friend. She had built her own website in Weebly that was serving her business quite well. Her desire was to have some additional content added and the services page redesigned so that her services were more easily understood.

I love projects like these where someone needs additional help to get their site to the next level with a consistent layout across the entire site. I leveraged adding stock photos to her site that represented her niche. I also added a footer that summarized her services so that additional keywords for her niche and location appeared on each page which will help with SEO search ranking.

She had discovered that most people didn’t want to purchase online from her before talking with her. With that, we removed the ‘store’ from her site and pulled the excellent content she had for her products onto a services page that allows future clients to easily see what she has to offer.

She had a nice option that was a free download in the store, yet was lost so people couldn’t find it. I created a call out of the opt-in on every page and setup Weebly Promote and forms to deliver the opt-in and add the subscribers to her newsletter list.

An additional recommendation that I made was to move her blog back into Weebly that was hosted in WordPress. When you have your blog and site hosted on different URL’s, you lose the benefit of the SEO that you can build with your blogging as part of your site. The move back to Weebly allows her blog to have the same look and feel as her site and to gain the SEO advantages of the all the keywords from her blog entries for her site.

Project Details

Client Alyssa Elting McGuire
Skills Website, Weebly
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“It was a pleasure working with Sheila. She was responsive and was quickly able to create a plan to revamp my website based on the information we discussed during our initial phone call. She maintained regular communication with me and checked in regularly. I really appreciated the video tutorials she created, as well. I can tell she both is good at what she does and enjoys doing it. I would definitely recommend working with Sheila, especially if your website needs an update.”
Alyssa Elting McGuire

Adult Care Home Consultant, Oregon Care Home