Mimi Bishop

Mimi Bishop’s Website Refresh

Mimi was looking to have her site refreshed along with getting her email opt-in’s setup and connected to MailChimp. Her site is in Squarespace and she wanted to use more of the graphical features available in SquareSpace.

In order to use the banded graphics to allow different colors for each section, the theme needed to be upgraded. After upgrading the theme and resetting the fonts and colors, I added her email opt-in with a red banner behind it on every page. She also needed a Work With Me page set up to allow her to showcase her multiple offers.

I love working in Squarespace and creating eye-catching sites with a straightforward and simple editor. There are some tricks to leverage like creating a second blog to store the testimonials which makes it easier to add them in the future.

Project Details

Client Mimi Bishop
Skills Web, Technolgoy Support
View mimibishop.com

“Amazing! Sheila took me from feeling anxious about my website to ready to show the world. Her technical skills and knowledge put her way ahead of anyone else I’ve worked with. She is quick, on top of the details and able to clearly articulate the techy stuff to a non-tech person. She’s a delight to work with too!”
Mimi Bishop

Productivity + Time-Management Coach + Consultant , Mimi Bishop