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Main Street Leasin Website Support

Main Street Leasing was facing a situation where the support for their existing site and content management system was ending and they need a site that they could more easily update and maintain.

There was no availability to the backend of the existing site, so we pulled the images and content from the existing site.

Some of the staff was familiar with Squarespace, so the platform was a logical choice.  In order to dynamically display the tenants and the properties around the site, 2 additional blogs were setup in addition to the blog for news.  This allows properties to be marked available or not available with categories.  Photo galleries and maps are setup for each property for ease of understanding the property and where it is located.

Squarespace allows showing off the properties and tenants with great photos and showcasing them.

The site is built in the new Squarespace 7.1 environment and takes advantage of many of the features.

Project Details

Client Main Street Leasing
Skills Web