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Kimberley reached out to me to help her consolidate her sites.  She had a clothing site along with an older wordpress site and wasn’t comfortable making edits in either of them.  She wanted to consolidate her sites and simplify and have it be easier for her to edit them. I recommended that we go to Squarespace, so that she could easily have a store and list her other services as well as link out to her nutrition products. We moved the store, consolidated the site and featured all the things that Kimberley does on her home page. Her refreshed colors and fun fonts now more fully represent Kim’s personality and her fun and zest for life and supporting her clients.  We featured her YouTube channel feed on her home page to highlight her ongoing videos.  It was so much fun to work with Kimberly and bring her offerings together in one place.

Project Details

Client Kimberley Roles
Skills Website, Squarespace

I have had the pleasure of working with Sheila at Limitlessly on literally redoing my entire website; moving it to a completely new platform, and even combining two different websites into one!!  Sheila was also able to create an email integration with my website which I did not previously have.  I’m not an expert in this type of work and needed someone who would patiently address my questions and honestly advise me on the choices that I was making relative to cost. I wanted a professional product and my budget was limited. I paid a little more than I wanted and received a product that is amazing. Sheila took the necessary time to explain each step of the process to me; record videos of the processes so I would be able to do it on my own, and throughout my project, and still even after the site is completed, answers all questions that arise; as I expand my outreach and add to my site, all while remaining very professional and expedient in her turn-around time for completion.  Not only is Limitlessly a great company to work with, but Sheila intuitively just knew what I needed and came up with ideas and options that I could not express to her myself! She is an excellent example to any entrepreneur of how a great company should be run. I’m very satisfied and would recommend Limitlessly to anyone looking for a new site; or to convert and rebuild a new one! Her work is phenomenal and I trust her implicitly.

Kimberley Roles