Karl Lewis

Karl Lewis’s New Site

Karl knew both Erika and I through our work designing and building his amazing wife’s (Rita Henry) website over the past many years. Karl wanted to bring his offering as a Story Grid coach to life with a website to help all those writers out there with a story inside to share.

In the spirit of simplicity and low maintenance going forward, we recommended Squarespace. Karl wanted a simple design that felt was crisp and clean. Erika brought forward an amazing feel to the site that reflects a writer. Her work continues to amaze me with how each client’s site feels so unique to them.

Scheduling a free consult was setup with Calendly to keep the costs down.  The free version can be integrated with a calendar, so you are able to have a single appt with no costs integrated with a calendar!  Yes!  A blog was setup along with email marketing and Zapier in between to keep everything in sync.

I can’t wait to see the stories that come forth through Karl’s work!

Project Details

Client Karl Lewis
Skills Website, Squarespace
View https://karllewisediting.com