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Julia found me through a Google search for lightworkers and websites and Mailerlite.  It’s amazing to me how the Masters and guides connect us to others!  Julia had a wordpress website that she wanted refreshed. While she was familiar with WordPress, she didn’t find it technically easy to use. She was open to changing to Squarespace and so her site was refreshed and moved to Squarespace.

She wanted a design that surrounded a logo that she had in mind. Once Erika created the logo, additional pieces of unique art that Julia channeled are part of the site. This brings a unique feel and more importantly, an energetic connection to her work.

With Julia’s already well established business, we improved some things technically with a domain specific email and connecting apps via Zapier to simply manual maintenance tasks. Mailerlite and Acuity were were updated with new branding and colors to match the updated site.

It’s been an honor to support Julia through the creation and expression of this new world for her. I can’t wait to see what’s next!  It’s simply wonderful to work with those guided by Spirit where we trust the decisions that are shown and take the next steps. 💕

Project Details

Client Julia Marie
Skills Website, Squarespace, Integration
View https://www.juliamarie.us/

Like a diamond, Sheila has many facets, and all of them are brilliant! A series of synchronicities led me to Sheila and limitlessly.com.  I needed branding, logo designs, a new website and new systems to help better manage my workload. A tall order, but Sheila came through with impeccable results. She is a magical blend of technological expertise and well-developed intuitive capacity. This combination is perfect for any person with a vision but no ability for expressing that vision to a web designer. Sheila is patient, experienced, and brings a sense of gentle humor to every encounter. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of websites, and the best strategies for each client based upon their individual needs. She listened to me, and brought insights to the table I hadn’t even thought of. She didn’t quit until the project was done – and done right. She is easy to talk to, calming, and generous with her time and attention. And after the project is completed, you can’t have a better resource than Sheila and limitlessly. She is a problem-solver extraordinaire with lightning-fast responsiveness. She won’t leave you hanging if you have a problem.

Julia Marie

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