Dr Barrie Zeller

Dr Barrie Zeller Website Creation

Dr Barrie needed a simple one page site to support her new online coaching business. She needed to use WordPress so that she could integrate the other online tools she wanted to use through a course she was taking. I researched the latest on hosting providers and chose Dreamhost as their long term plans are more cost effective and they have better ratings than many of the WordPress providers. After helping her setup the account she needed for the different tools, I leveraged Divi to create a basic one page WordPress site to showcase her webinar.

I love Divi as it makes it super simple to create a page based on a template and then customize it to make it feel personalized for the client. One of my favorite features is the ability to simply hide a section of the page, like FAQ’s, if the client doesn’t have them ready yet. Once they are ready, then you can simply update the page and unhide the section. It’s easier than deleting it and recreating it at a later point in time.

I helped her setup a new email account. Dr Barrie also needed assisting setting up and integrating the new tools for her website including LeadPages, Mailchimp, Schedule Once, Vimeo and Wufoo.

Project Details

Client Barrie Zeller
Skills Web, Integration
View barriezeller.com

“I was struggling through updating my website on my own. It was eating up too much of my time and I decided to call Sheila to help out.  I am so happy I did! It is great working with Sheila. She patiently updated my site as I worked to get my final copy completed in the middle of a busy summer.  She created a new logo for me with the transgender symbol in it, which I love! My site is ready to go now and I am excited to start promoting my business! “
Margot Hanley

Life Coach, Gender Family Support