Deanne Carter

Revive Your Relationship Site Refresh

Deanne found me through a referral from another client. Initially, I did some updates for her and referred her to a colleague around copywriting. Once Deanne completed her content, Erika designed the site and we built out the pages. Deanne had robust services and eventually added online classes as well. Mailerlite is being used to deliver the classes upon purchase in Wix. Zapier is setup to tell Mailerlite about the purchase. This setup allowed keeping new monthly costs to a minimum and leveraging a free Mailerlite account with her existing Wix subscription.



Project Details

Client Deanne Carter
Skills Integration, Websites, Wix

“I enjoyed working with Sheila because she gets it. She feels the vibe. She understands it’s energy that is being communicated before potential clients read the words of my website. She conveyed an ease, yet professionalism with images and layout. When I wasn’t sure how to articulate a change, she asked questions and gave feedback until we had clarity. I appreciate her patience with the process. I recommend her to anyone who is going beyond the cookie cutter site and wants to convey a particular energy to potential clients. She is resourceful and can help you get set up on things like Mailerlite, Canva, and AppSumo.”

Deanne Carter