BraveHeart Consulting

2017 Website Refresh

With the increased focus on mobile websites, I proposed to Pam that we needed to update her website with a mobile responsive website.  She agreed and was excited to bring it up to match today’s web standards.  As part of the refresh, I researched SEO terms for her site and recommended several improvements around words and names to use for some of the services.  As part of this refresh, all pages have been updated with the standard SEO descriptions and more focused keywords.  I also ensured that redirections are in place for any page names that have changed.  The site is built with Elegant Theme’s Divi theme and is easily expandable and adpatable as Pam’s business grows and expands.


Client Braveheart Consulting
Skills Web, Technical Support

2012 Website Refresh

Braveheart Consulting is the vehicle for my friend and colleague, Pam Rechel, to express her work in the world.  I have worked with Pam for over 10 years now.  I built her original website in Dreamweaver and redesigned and rebuilt the website with WordPress several years ago.  My approach with Pam, as it is with anyone I do a website for, is to have the person first identify what they like and don’t like about existing websites.  I want to get a sense of what is important to them and how they want to see themselves expressed.  What I might like may not match what they want at all.  Once she provided me samples of what she liked from other friends or businesses, I searched available templates and identified 4-6 templates for her to review.  My requirement around these templates were that they were supported, and good documentation and were responsive.  Rather than send a client on a wild goose chase to make sense out of what is a good template or not, I narrow that down and offer them 4-6.  If they find the one that works, then we are ready to go!  If not, then I take that feedback and look for more.  Once Pam chose a template, I installed it on a test site and we agreed on general look and feel and configuration options.  Pam had an awesome graphic artist create great graphics for the site and I simplified and streamlined her existing content to put it into a new site.  For her site, I felt that I could convert the 15-20 pages in one evening.  So, on the evening that we agreed to launch the new site, I worked for 8-10 hours to move the content and get the site up and running so that her ‘new’ site would be live the next day.  I made sure that all pages and links were functional, so that when someone visited the site, it felt complete.  We then spent the next several days fine tuning it before she announced her new site to her mailing list!  Working with Pam has always been a pleasure and she takes each new challenge and steps forward.

General Technical Support

I love technology and getting every last ounce out of technology in any way that I can.  Having written many user manuals, I actually do look at most user manuals that come across my horizon.  (Thank You Technical Writers!)  My friends and family all reach out to me with their computer questions, phone questions, DVR questions, and anything that has technology in it that they can’t figure out.  I have provided general technical support to Pam and BraveHeart Consulting for the past 10 years.  I’ve moved her to a new PC several times including moving all of her data and making sure all of her applications worked.  I’ve also solved numerous Windows errors and issues and helped her with synching across multiple devices and platforms.  While I’m not a Windows expert anymore, I trust my intuition and articles on the internet to continue to solve her day to day problems that arise.

“Sheila designed and managed my website, I think she has an extraordinary ability to patiently help the non-technical folks (like me!) understand what I need to do, why I need to do it and to make the process easy. She is unelievably reliable and follows-through on her commitments impeccably. I found her to be calm, thorough, with a sense of humor and extremely talented and professional. I never could have done it without her. She has remained my IT Consultant and I’m immensely grateful to her.”
Pam Rechel

Owner, Braveheart Consulting