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Monthly Helping Hand Plans

Sometimes doing it all yourself when you aren’t quite sure what needs done or how to fit it into your already busy life feels overwhelming.  Let me help you climb that mountain!  One of my favorite things to do is to be that helping hand for someone.  I have been helping people for as long as I can remember.  In school, I loved helping the teachers and doing extra things for my parents.   As a kid, I would organize the drawers in the kitchen or help the neighbors put things together.  I have provided IT Support for hundreds of people.  In one of my first jobs as a programmer, we also had to maintain our own servers and PC’s.  I figured out the setup and imaging process and took care of it for the entire team.  I had a client many years ago who wanted a VPN in their office.  I researched the VPN’s and set it up and they were then able to access their servers remotely in a small company of just 4-6 people!

I love making technology work and it seems to just work for me.  The clients that take advantage of this service discover that they can call me with MS Word questions or what to do with their photos or how to use Dropbox or how do I make this work on my website.  I can help you with your technology needs, website support, automation and integration, shopping cart maintenance, newsletters or whatever other technical support you need.

As one of my clients says “You just touch it and it works, how do you do that?”


You will be charged each month for the plan that you choose.  The date you will be charged will be the date you signup.  Example:  If you sing up for the Lots of Help Plan on August 6th, you will be charged on September 6th, October 6th, etc.  You can cancel your plan at any time by using the link you receive in your receipt to modify the subscription.


Services provided over 1 hour are billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $70/hour.


Services provided over 2 hours are billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $63/hour.


Services provided over 4 hours are billed in 15 minute increments at a rate of $63/hour.

Have Questions?

What You Get?

I’ll lend a helping hand with whatever you need related to your website or technology support.  I’ll be your personal IT person! You can request any of the following:
  • Updates/Edits to Your Website
  • Setup of Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Post Your Blog Posts
  • Send Your Newsletter for You
  • Answer General Technical Questions
  • Keep WordPress Plugins Up to Date
  • Monitor SEO and Improve SEO Descriptions
  • Anything Technical You Want Help With

Every WordPress Website also gets the following:

  • Backups Setup and Monitored
  • Security Firewall with WebARX Security Installed & Monitored
  • Additional Security Plugins Installed & Configured
  • Ongoing Performance Tune-Ups & Recommendations

How It Works

1.  Select Your Package

There are several packages of different hours and discounts available as noted above. Identify your package and click ‘Purchase’ to setup your monthly plan.

2.  Monthly Payment

On the monthly anniversary of your original purchase, you will be charged the monthly fee.  You will receive an invoice for the payment.

3.  Submit Your Requests for Support

We will agree on what you want me to do each month. My preference is that we meet for 15 minutes each month to discuss what you would like me to do that month.  During the month, you will submit your requests to me either via email or in Asana.

4.  Your Work is Completed

I will complete your work, generally within 4 business days, unless it is an emergency. My general times to provide maintenance services are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

She understands my business

lady with green sweater

So glad I hired Sheila to help refresh my website. She understands my business and helped me communicate my offerings more effectively and well within my budget. Plus she stays on schedule. I am so happy with my new website that I also hired her to help with tech support a couple hours a month!

Dr Zeller

I think she has an extraordinary ability

lady with glasses

Sheila designed and managed my website, I think she has an extraordinary ability to patiently help the non-technical folks (like me!) understand what I need to do, why I need to do it and to make the process easy. She is unelievably reliable and follows-through on her commitments impeccably. I found her to be calm, thorough, with a sense of humor and extremely talented and professional. I never could have done it without her. She has remained my IT Consultant and I’m immensely grateful to her.

Pam Rechel

She was so clear

dr lynetta willis

When I contacted Sheila, I was discouraged. I had an autoresponder set up but didn’t know who to send it to. My subscribers were divided into multiple confusing lists. I had no idea how to make sure my emails went to the right people. I felt so lost. The first person I approached for an hour tech consult told me that no email marketing professional could possibly help me understand my email subscriber numbers in an hour. Enter Sheila! She was amazing. She didn’t help me understand my numbers in an hour… she did it in a 5 minute and 23 second personalized video! She was so clear. I followed her guidance and 15 minutes later my lists were organized. I was confident and excited to email my subscribers. I seriously could’ve cried. She was so kind and patiently answered all of my questions. I will definitely use Sheila for my tech needs; if you want to save time and emotional resources, you should too!

Dr. Lynyetta Willis
Psychologist and Family Empowerment Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pay with a Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card.  When you purchase above, you will provide your credit card which will be automatically billed each month.

What do you use for invoicing?

I use ThriveCart for my invoicing.  You will receive a monthly invoice  via email with a record of the monthly autopay.

What if I don't use any hours?

Hours can be carried over month to month if you have a plan for 2 or more hours.  If I am supporting a website for you, I will spend a minimum each month of 15 minutes keeping the site up to date, reviewing google crawl errors, checking backups and security.

How do I request support?

Email is the easiest way to let me know what you need.  If you have purchased 2 hours or more of support,  I request that we schedule a monthly checkin so that I know how best to support you.  I also use Asana to track all my work and can share the project with you if you would like to enter tasks directly.