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Creating a Graphical Resume

Recently, I’ve been looking for new opportunities in Project Management.  As I was continuing to submit my resume to potential opportunities, I started to think about how my resume looked like everyone else’s resume and wondered how recruiters ever truly find the good candidates in the sea of resumes that they look at every day, sometimes all day long.   So, I started looking at graphical resumes and realized that graphic designers have been creating graphical resumes for a very long time.  Why not, it’s the way that they showcase their design skills!

So, I wondered what it would be like to have a graphical resume as a Project Manager.  I searched the internet and found many examples, but none were quite what I was looking for.

How I Created a Graphical Resume

These were great examples, but they weren’t mine and they were still a bit more busy that I wanted. I wanted it to be simple and in our attention deficit world, where most people can only absorb a small amount of information quickly, I wanted it to be easy to clearly understand who I am and what I’m about!

I set off to search for tools that would create a graphical resume.  Turns out there are several available:

While the tools didn’t give me exactly what I wanted, I did love the graphical view of my career that ResumUP provided!  I used their export and included in my new updated resume!  Awesome view!

My new front page of my resume ended up with just four sections!

  1. My I Am statements to declare who I am.
  2. A word cloud that I created using worldle.net.
  3. Several snippets of Recommendations that I’ve received on LinkedIn.
  4. The Awesome ResumeUP graphical timeline.

With some early feedback that I’ve received, I think it has helped!  I’ve received more calls that I was receiving with my old resume and having a cover letter with a first page has made all the difference!

Thank you to others who inspired me to come up with something different!

Here is the new front page of my Resume!

graphical resume