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Your name is your email address and now you have changed your name!  I hate when that happens!  Yet, it does happen and this post is for a dear friend with some options for you.  🙂

Option 1 – Use an Alias

Using an alias allows you to give the alias out to people as your new email address and it still comes into your existing account.  If your current email is minniemouse@yahoo.com and you now need it to be minnieduck@yahoo.com, you would simply add minnieduck@yahoo.com as the alias and give everyone that new email address.  You will only st
ill have 1 email account.

The benefit of this is simplicity!  You have one email account with 2 email addresses.

The con of this is that you will always have to keep the original account and if you have changed your name, you might not want to do that.

Option 2 – Setup a New Email Address and Retrieve the Old Email Into that Account

Using a new email address and retrieving the email allows you to give out the new email address and simply retrieve your old account emails from your old email address until you no longer get any email to that address.  If your current address is minniemouse@yahoo.com and you now need it to be minnieduck@gmail.com, you would simply create a new email address with any provide that you choose (yahoo, gmail, etc.).  Once you have the account created, you just use that service to read both emails.  While this does require you have 2 email accounts for a while, it will allow you to eventually let go of and close the email account with your old name.

The benefit is that you are able to get rid of the old email address completely.

The con is the that you have 2 email accounts for a while, but if you read the emails in the same account, it will be fine.

My Recommendation

My recommendation would be to simply create a new email account and read the emails in the same account.  If I’ve changed my name and I know I am never going to go back to that name in the future, I would simply create a new email account, change emails as I login to stuff going forward, and then delete the old account.  Move On!  If you use a mobile device, like an iPhone or iPad, then having multiple email accounts is really easy.  And if you have a Mac, it’s really easy as well.

Create a Yahoo Alias

Login it to mail, click the wheel for settings and click ‘More Settings’ at the bottom.

Click Mailboxes on the Left, then the arrow next to Email Alias and the Click the ‘Add’ Button and you can add your Alias.

Setup a New Email Address & Retrieve in New Account

You can do this in Gmail or Yahoo.  Just setup the new email account.  If you read your email on the web regularly and not in app or on your phone, just add the account, so that you don’t have to login to 2 accounts.  Again, if you use your phone most of the time, just setup both accounts.

In Gmail, login to Mail, Click Settings, then Accounts and Import and ‘Add a Mail Account’.

In Yahoo, login to Mail, Click Settings, More Settings, Mailboxes on the Left and then Add Mailbox.