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Recently I started receiving Sucuri notices on one of my WordPress sites, sheilafranzen.com, that it was being attacked.  The notices indicated that there were attempted logins under the name of admin and the user name that I use 100’s of times from IP addresses outside of the US.  I wasn’t at home, so I logged in to cloud flare on my phone and indicated that the site was under attack.  Cloudflare interrupted the traffic and put a notice on the site that asked you to wait before continuing to the site.  This happened instananesouly!  The notices from Sucuri stopped and I didn’t have to worry that my site was going to be hacked.  The danger when someone has figured out your user name is that they can hack your site and log into it and take it down and then you have a real mess to clean up.

I left the under attack up for several days so that Cloudflare could manage the attack.  Once I took the Under attack off, I haven’t had any more notices from Sucuri about attacks.

Whew, another one avoided!  Thank You Cloudflare!

Changing Your WordPress User Name

During this attack, the bots (programs written to attack) had figured out my username for the site.  I had already changed it so that it wasn’t admin, yet this attack requires me to change it again.  The trick in WordPress is that you can’t actually change your user name.  You have to create a new Administrator user and then delete the old one.

Steps to Add & Remove a WordPress User Name

  • Login under your user name
  • Go to Users, All Users
  • Click ‘Add New’ to add a new user
  • Use a different email address than what you used for your original user
  • Complete Adding the User
  • Log out of WordPress
  • Log in under you new user name
  • Go to Users, All Users
  • Click Delete under your old user
  • Click Yes to attribute all of your content to the new user
  • Now your old user is gone