What you really need to know for a feel–good website

Chapter 2: Connecting to Your Heart Center

As a heart–centered business owner, it’s important that you check in with what is in alignment for you when it comes to choosing tools, running your business or creating your website.
As a heart–centered business owner, I know you are already focused on making a difference in the world. You are probably someone who cares deeply about your clients, your business, the planet and our world.

As small business owners, our businesses are a reflection of us, who we are and where we come from. I think it’s important that we make sure we take care of ourselves and that we leverage simple ways to help us stay heart–centered and make heart–centered decisions. In the world of technology and websites, things can get overwhelming fast and you need a way to stay grounded and connected to what’s important to you.



Your Mission

One of the first things I would encourage you to do is get clear on your mission. Write yourself a purpose statement or a mission statement for your business. You can find lots of articles on the web around how to do this. One of my favorites is this one: So, What Do You Do?. Having this mission statement or summary statement will allow you to stay connected to your purpose when you select your tools and create your website.

Get Grounded

The concept of getting grounded is simply about finding that calm place within you and connecting to the earth. My favorite way to do this is to walk outside barefoot in the grass, but that isn’t always practical when you are sitting at your desk to get working! So, just feel your feet connected to the floor wherever you are sitting and take 3 deep breaths. These deep breaths relax your vagus nerve and bring you to your center. This is invaluable anytime you sit down to create or work with clients.

You can also imagine your feet growing into tree roots that connect you to the earth.

Using Your Heart to Help with Decisions

Technology can be a very right brained activity, yet it’s important that we bring our heart into decisions and our day to day business. One of the ways that I do this each day is to simply ask my body what it feels when it’s time to make a decision. For example, when I recommend a tool to a client, before I make the final recommendation, I ask my heart which one is right for them to make sure that I’m not missing something.

Here’s how it works. You ask a question and then bring your attention to the center of your chest. If the feeling or your awareness rises up, it means a yes. There’s a lightness to it and it feels right. If the feeling or awareness drops down into your stomach and feels heavy, it usually means a no. This is a simple, yet very effective way to check in and see what your heart has to say about a decision.