Get Started with Automation

Leverage technology to gain back time.

  Your business is growing faster than you can keep up. The administrative details of running the business are out of control and things are falling through the cracks. You might have forgotten to reply to an email or you missed an appt. You’re ready for your business to expand, yet you can’t find time to focus on it. You’d rather have more time to be offering healing services to your clients. Tasks like bookkeeping, scheduling, website updates and posting to social media are keeping you from the work you love. You’ve thought about hiring a Virtual Assistant, yet you’re wondering if there’s a better way to manage your business leveraging tech. It’s the 20th century and it should feel that way too! Everything feels tedious and manual. You feel like you are just wasting your time on meaningless tasks. You’re entering information in multiple places and you have email addresses everywhere! It feels overwhelming and you wonder where that light at the end of the tunnel is. You’re frustrated with how much time you spend that isn’t with clients.  

Automation isn’t just for big companies, it’s available for you too.

  Imagine the extra time you’ll have for your healing work when tasks you thought you needed a virtual assistant for are now automated. You gain back precious minutes to make room for a new client or to develop a new product or service. You feel relaxed knowing tech is running your business and making things easier for you. You feel less stress and you’re excited to move forward growing your healing business. You love that things are getting simplified. You’re on a path to have the ‘behind the scenes’ in your business running smoothly and effortlessly. It feels great to know there are systems in place that save you time. You’re thrilled to finally be taking advantage of tech!  

Tools Expertise

  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Square
  • Stripe
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Book LIke a Boss
  • Schedule Once
  • Zapier
  • Pie Sync
  • Nimble
  • Convertkit
  • Mailerlite
  • Mailchimp
  • Active Campaign
  • WordPress Divi Theme
  • Divi Add Ons
  • Divi Box
  • Divi Toolbox
  • WordPress X-Theme
  • WordPress Visual Composer
  • Elementor Theme
  • Genesis Themes
  • iThemes Security
  • WebARX
  • WP Rocket
  • Total Cache
  • CloudFlare
  • Connections Plugin

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re sick of the back and forth trying to schedule client meetings.
  • You’re tired of entering your sales and expenses manually into a spreadsheet or bookkeeping system.
  • You’re not getting your blog posts published to all the social media platforms.

It’s time to automate some of your administrative tasks. I can help!


I’m a technology expert for lightworkers that want to grow their online business. They’re tired of spending hours on technical details instead of serving their clients. I make tech work for them so they can spend more time focusing on their business and doing the healing work they love.

As a result of this Automation, you will…

  • Get to spend more time with your clients helping them to heal and grow.
  • Be relieved that some of your manual tasks are now automated.
  • Have technical systems in place to allow your business to grow.

Not sure what you could automate?

You’ll be surprised at the things that can be automated! Here’s three areas lightworkers like to start with.

Scheduling Client Sessions

Your clients want to be able to select a meeting time and pay online from your website. You would like that information to end up in your bookkeeping and email marketing systems too.

Invoicing & Expense Tracking

Your clients are purchasing services or products on your website and you need a simple record of the income for taxes. You want to easily see your expenses and credit card fee’s in one place.

Automated Social Media Posting

Your blog posts are on your website and not getting shared to your social media accounts. You’d like to spend an hour once a week to setup your social media sharing.

Get Started with Automation includes:

What Takes Your Time Questions

This questionnaire will help us get clear on what is taking your time to run your business and what administrative tasks frustrate you the most.

Automation Discovery Session

This 60 minute session will allow us to understand the details of your manual tasks. I’ll show you the tools I’m recommending and we’ll agree on the tools to be used for the automation.

Automation Delivery

I’ll build the automation and then meet with you to review what was created and help you understand it. You’ll receive documentation on how it works.

Automation Checklist & Follow-Up

Now that you’ve seen what automation can do, you’ll receive a checklist with additional ideas for automation for your business. You will feel confident knowing what else you can do to save more time. You’ll receive a checkin with me to make sure that your automation is working.

Get refocused on serving your clients so that you can grow your business.

After completing… Get Started with Automation, you’ll have your first major tech automation in place. You will feel relieved, excited and ready to spend more time with your clients while growing your business.

Investment: $349

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Select a time for your Automation Discovery Session and complete payment.  Note:  Be sure to select your time zone so that the appointments show in the correct time zone for you.

Step 2. You’ll receive a link to answer the What Takes Your Time Questions prior to the Automation Discovery Session.

Step 3. I’ll build your automation and deliver it to you along with documentation on how it works.

Step 4. You’ll receive your Automation Checklist and I’ll follow-up with you.

Have questions? Email me at

I call Sheila my ‘website ninja’

Sheila got right to work making magic happen on my website. I was struggling to get Stripe working properly, my email marketing was not correctly integrated with my website, etc. She was able to quickly get to the root of my problems and straightened everything out so I’ve got a smooth running operation. And best of all, she’s easy to understand and follow, so now I feel more confident working on my website. I call Sheila my ‘website ninja’ and she’s the first person I’m going to call whenever I get stuck again. I highly recommend her, she’s smart, capable, quick, and so easy to work with.

Dani Bates
Certified Weight Loss and Life Coach

She is a technical wizard

Having been an entrepreneur for over a decade, I have worked with many web developers and Sheila is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. She is a technical wizard which enables her to work ultra-efficiently giving her clients power packed results without breaking the bank. Sheila is excellent at page design which relieves you from having to figure this out yourself and providing detailed instructions. Sheila is highly skilled in all things web and an absolute pleasure to work with.

I recommend Sheila every opportunity I get because I know she’ll exceed their expectations as she does mine every time I work with her.

Sandra Lassiter
Business & Life Coach

What I Enjoy the Most

What I enjoy the most about Sheila is that she actually gets the work done. She helped me with a complex t-shirt customization plugin. Her quick setup and instructional videos were a lifesaver! If she’s busy she’ll get to you when she’s free. I like to think of her work as top shelf, nothing but the best. I would recommend Sheila to any and everybody for website needs.

Tanae Cook

She was so clear

dr lynetta willis

When I contacted Sheila, I was discouraged. I had an autoresponder set up but didn’t know who to send it to. My subscribers were divided into multiple confusing lists. I had no idea how to make sure my emails went to the right people. I felt so lost. The first person I approached for an hour tech consult told me that no email marketing professional could possibly help me understand my email subscriber numbers in an hour. Enter Sheila! She was amazing. She didn’t help me understand my numbers in an hour… she did it in a 5 minute and 23 second personalized video! She was so clear. I followed her guidance and 15 minutes later my lists were organized. I was confident and excited to email my subscribers. I seriously could’ve cried. She was so kind and patiently answered all of my questions. I will definitely use Sheila for my tech needs; if you want to save time and emotional resources, you should too!

Dr. Lynyetta Willis
Psychologist and Family Empowerment Coach