Deliver Your Opt-In the Easy Way in Mailerlite


Everything you need to know to setup and deliver 1 or more opt-ins in Mailerlite


You’re not sure if you really want to be a DIY’er, but you’d like to give it a whirl. You’re a little hesitant as learning a new tool seems overwhelming. You want to save money, yet tech sometimes overwhelms you. You’re not sure who to trust or what courses to trust, let alone where to start.

Or even if you’re already a DIY’er, it can be a lonely journey. You rush through courses or maybe take the bits and pieces you need and you end up with something you’re not sure is setup correctly. You painfully figure it out and then when you want to change it and you realize it’s not setup to support improvements or new offerings.


Are you ready?


You’re ready for someone you trust to define a clear path of what to do and how to do it. You’re excited at the possibility of completing a course and knowing what to do with your tech going forward.

You’re excited to have a place to get answers to your questions during the course. You’re more excited to learn with others and have a DIY community to share with. You feel confident in being the DIY’er or doing your own tech and knowing you’ve done it right. You are proud of what you have learned and accomplished. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wonder why tech has to be so confusing
  • You feel like being a DIY’er should be easier and more fun
  • You’re frustrated with trying to figure it all out on your own

Getting excited? I can guide on your learning journey to get it done!


I’m a tech angel for lightworkers that want to grow their online business. I help make tech work for them so they can spend more time focusing on their business and doing the healing work they love.

As a result of the Deliver Your Opt-In the Right Way in Mailerlite Course, you will…

  • Feel supported in your learning and get fast answers to your questions to help you feel supported
  • Get your opt-in setup with a structure that supports you in setting up future opt-ins
  • Join a community of other lightworkers learning together
  • Trust that you’re doing it the right way for adding additional optins in the future

Deliver Your Opt-In the Right Way in Mailerlite includes:

Access to the Online Course

You’ll receive instant access to an online course. There are 17 lessons with video and written instruction to guide you on the journey to easily setup your optin(s).

Access to an Online Discussion Forum

As part of the course, you’ll have access to an online discussion forum where you can get answers to your questions from myself and/or other community members. You can search for answers too.

Limitlessly DIY Community Support for 1 Month

As part of the DIY Community, you can attend up to 2 DIY working sessions during the month to help you with any setup or questions you may have. It will also be a space for you to simply get that tech work done that you haven’t checked off your todo list. And you get access to a private Facebook Group for Support.

DIY’er Geek Hours

You might find you need assistance with another technical issue. You’ll receive a coupon for 10% off your next purchase of geek hours.

You can discover being a DIY’er with support. I’m here to help!


Introductory Price: $44

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Purchase the course.

Step 2. You’ll receive an email with your login instructions to the online learning platform.

Step 3. You work through the course, ask questions in the Discussion forum and join 2 of the Weekly DIY Sessions for support.

Have questions? Email me at

Sheila gets an A++ from me for customer service

lady with blue shawl in front of bush

Sheila gets an A++ from me for customer service:  speedy, efficient, smart, effective, creative, helpful – and a real pleasure to work with.  Thank you for a great job well done!

Healing Channel

Sheila was a lifesaver!

lady with glasses

Sheila was a lifesaver! My website needed some nips and tucks and I did not have the time or bandwidth to puzzle it out on my own. Not only did she help me accomplish my immediate goals, she walked me through the steps, offered great design suggestions, and created a checklist for future changes that gave me enormous clarity.

Kyra Anderson
Life Coach & Writer

Sheila has absolutely been my website and tech ANGEL

Sheila has absolutely been my website and tech ANGEL! I did a complete branding revamp and with it came a new website, migrating to a different email marketing service, and a bunch of other new systems. An overwhelming undertaking, but I felt reassured at every turn by Sheila’s calm, capable, and kind guidance.

She’s a wiz at all things tech, but she’s so intuitive and has a great eye. I appreciated how patient she was with me and she was brilliant at making my sometimes impossible wishlist of website features a reality.

Sheila always goes beyond the call of duty and truly cares. She sets you up for success long after the project is done and made such helpful tutorial videos and a customized web guide for me.

Thank-you, Sheila, for your awesome skills, insights, generous heart and sense of humor on this epic journey!

Kimberly Carroll
Coach for Changemakers

You are my WebWonderWoman!

lady in pink scarf and white shirt

Sheila – you are my WebWonderWoman! You made getting my revamped and totally upgraded website up and running seem just so simple and easy. Thank you for all your patience, guidance, attention to detail, wisdom, creativity….and for being a joy to work with. Whenever I’ve needed help and support, you’ve been there making it easy (and I love your video tutorials – such a pleasure to hear your voice), and your step-by-step instructions fill me with confidence. Bless you – and it will be my honour and privilege to pass your details on to anyone I know who’s planning to set up their first website or to upgrade their existing presence on the web. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ❤️


I could not have done this without Sheila

I had been dreaming of getting a more professional membership site online for ages but the thought was overwhelming. I could not have done this without Sheila. She made it easy for me and kept me up to speed every step of the way. At the end of the project, she shared resources to help me make updates — making my life even easier!

I’m thrilled with how the site turned out and have received so many emails from our community members who said things like, “I gasped when I saw it! It’s so beautiful!” and, “Congratulations, the site looks fantastic!” I, of course, gave all the credit to Sheila, the true tech fairy.

Jacqueline Fisch

Choosing Sheila was one of the best business decisions I have made

rita henry, lady smiling

Choosing Sheila to create my website was one of the best business decisions I have made. Her knowledge, along with her great communication skills, helped make the process pleasant and successful. As Sheila took ownership of the technical aspects, and the project management, she kept the project moving forward and found solutions as needed so my business could continue to thrive. Sheila’s wonderful attitude, innovative ways, and true desire to help and get things done is a gift. Knowing Sheila is on my team, gives me peace of mind.

Rita Henry
Intuitive Counselor

She beats the bigger companies hands down

Sheila from Limitlessly is brilliant. Over the last 10 years Sheila’s is the 3rd company I have employed to upgrade my website. She beats the bigger companies hands down. I felt she understood my needs, listened to what I wanted, heard what I had to say and went out of her way to provide me with a website I am proud of, and which really showcases my products. She made excellent suggestions around alternative platforms, add-ons, apps and ecommerce which simplified the navigating and shopping experience for my customers. She has given me personalised tutorials to help me navigate the new platform. Sheila is professional and focused, yet friendly and approachable. She provided a level of service that is rarely seen today. I have no hesitation in recommending Sheila to anyone wanting to start, change or upgrade their website.

Verna Maruata

She is a technical wizard

Having been an entrepreneur for over a decade, I have worked with many web developers and Sheila is by far the best I’ve ever worked with. She is a technical wizard which enables her to work ultra-efficiently giving her clients power packed results without breaking the bank. Sheila is excellent at page design which relieves you from having to figure this out yourself and providing detailed instructions. Sheila is highly skilled in all things web and an absolute pleasure to work with.

I recommend Sheila every opportunity I get because I know she’ll exceed their expectations as she does mine every time I work with her.

Sandra Lassiter
Business & Life Coach

She broke things down in a way that made understanding technology and website design easy to grasp

Having Sheila Franzen at Limitlessly create my website was the experience I needed to help me overcome any weak points I have been stumbling on with technology and website design. She broke things down in a way that made understanding technology and website design easy to grasp and follow along for a highly educational and motivating experience.
Sheila’s ongoing help and support throughout the process and afterward has made setting up and running my online business quick easy and affordable.

Limitlessly, it really is the word to describe my online presence as I move forward.

Many thanks for your love and support.

Brad Panopoulos
Orgonite Alchemist