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How to Make Heart Based Business Decisions

How to Make Heart-Based Business Decisions As entrepreneurs, we’re faced with making decisions every day. What’s the most important thing to work on? What should we work on next? What tool should we use to do our social media? What should we write about for our next...

Leverage Meditation so You Have Energy for Your Business

Most people have heard about the benefits of meditation at this point. Yet, how many people really meditate? Believe it or not, the numbers are going up! Are you part of those numbers? Time magazine recently shared an article based on a study from the CDC. Meditation...

Technology & Websites are Energy, Energize Them!

Energy runs through us. There are times when we feel energy more intensely, like when we get excited and want to dance or when we get angry and want to run. Our bodies are full of energy! Technology and websites are energy to. Sure, the technology is built of hardware...

5 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

It seems your WordPress site is slowing down and you don’t really know why. You haven’t done anything different that you’re aware of, yet your site is taking longer and longer to load.

Use Google Analytics & Gratitude to Increase Traffic

Have you ever thought about using Google Analytics to increase traffic to your site? Are you taking advantage of the Reports in Google Analytics? Do you ever login and look at your traffic? There is a wealth of information in Google Analytics, yet it can be hidden and...

Do These 3 Things First Before You Talk to Your Designer

Communicating what you want isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Doing your own preparation work before you work with a designer is important. As the person that is frequently on the receiving end of trying to understand what someone wants when building a website, my...

Best WordPress Plugin for Testimonials

Do you have testimonials in a Wordpress plugin on your site?  If not, you’re missing out on an opportunity to streamline and quickly add testimonials in the future.  Collecting testimonials might seem like a hassle, yet it’s an invaluable thing to do to help build...