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Do you have testimonials on your website? Are they updated?

Testimonials are one of those super simple things that create credibility and credibility allows you to build your brand. When a potential client comes to your site, they are evaluating you and trying to find information that will allow them to determine whether they want to work with you. Testimonials provide real words from your clients that help new clients get to know you. They help potential clients better understand what people see in you. The key is to have a process in place where you ask your clients on a regular basis if they would be willing to write you a testimonial. If you make it part of your weekly processes and allocate time to it, then it doesn’t need to feel like this big overwhelming thing to do.

Your Testimonial Checklist

  • Once a week, identify any new or existing clients that you would like to receive a testimonial from.
  • Personally email them and let them know that you enjoyed working them and if they would be willing to write you a short testimonial that you could share on your website. You can also let them know that if they need ideas, but aren’t sure what to say, just let you know. If you get a question like that, then simply respond with some options or starter phrases to help them get started. If they don’t respond, don’t worry. Not everyone will, just let it go and be proud of your self for asking.
  • Once you receive a testimonial, save it in a file, so that you can look at your testimonials any time you need a little pick me up!
  • Be sure to thank your client for the testimonial!If you are a business where it’s appropriate to have a picture with the testimonial, that is definitely the way to go! People love seeing photos! Just be sure to ask permission of the person who provided you a testimonial before using their photo on your site. It’s best to just reply back and ask them to send a photo that you could use if they are willing to.
  • Add the new testimonial to your website! Many WordPress themes have this built in, or you can check out a plugin like Strong Testimonials (https://wordpress.org/plugins/strong-testimonials/). If you are using Weebly, just add the Testimonials app and it’s a super easy way to have nice rotating testimonials. If you are using Wix, you can add an app or just format some text nicely. One of the Wix Strips has a nice format for testimonials.  Wix also allows you to use repeaters and a database to display testimonials around your site.
Now….  Spend a minute just soaking in the acknowledgement. I’m not sure about you, but for me, it’s easy to just brush off the kinds words that others share and not allow myself to feel it. Take a couple of deep breaths and then read that testimonial and allow those words to fill you up. Once you’ve enjoyed that, then from your heart, send back some gratitude to the person who sent it.