Technology Possibilities


I have an owned an iPhone from the first model that was released in 2007! I love everything about the iPhone and can help you with backups, text size and how to the the most out of it!

Cloud Services

I use Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Apps and Evernote daily! I can help you figure out which cloud services you need and what would be best for you. I can help you make what you have work and get the most of what you are paying for!


I have owned a Mac for over 10 years and we have several in our house. I have over 30,000 photos synched across several macs, my iPhone and iPad. I love Mac's and everything you can do with them! I can help you get more out of your Mac!


If you just have questions or need help with your computers or devices, I'll do my best to answer them! I love gadgets and technology and can almost ALWAYS find a way to make them work!