Zapier Integration

Client:  Private Client

Date:  September 2015

As part of creating the website and the systems to support their business, they desired to automate as many thing as possible so that they could focus on the things they loved doing and not the day to day of running the business or a website.  My background in technology and computer programming allowed me to create a vision that would allow the integration of everything and have it communicate with each other.  In an information systems world, there are extremely robust integration tools that allow data to be shared among applications in an enterprise.  I spent some time looking for low cost ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools that would allow a CRM, Order Management and File Management solution in one place.  There are a few products that were in the price range, like ZoHo and Odoo, but they didn’t have all the features that were required.  In the world of web solutions and online software as a service (SAS) solutions, there is the possibility of the type of integration that would typically require an ERP, all with tools like Zapier, IFTTT and others.  Zapier was chosen as it is one of the most popular and allowed data to be sent in between the Shopping Cart Management System, email list system, Online Learning System and more.  Over 20 Zaps connecting the systems were created!  Someone could purchase an online class on the website and receive their user ID and course enrollment within 15 minutes!  This allowed students the instant gratification of starting their learning soon after their purchase, even if they were on the other side of the world and we are sleeping here in the US!

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