Medical Banking Implementation

Client:  MetaSource, LLC

Date:  2014-2015

One of the projects that I lead while working at MetaSource included working with a client to implement a Medical Banking Solution.  My role in the project started out as the Project Manager coordinating between the client and multiple vendors who were delivering the solution.  With some skill set gaps, I quickly stepped up as the Solution Architect and Business Analyst to document the overall solution as well as write the detailed SOW for the client to sign, which was 30+ pages.  As the PM, I created monthly presentations to update the Management Team, created and maintained the project schedule and ran numerous daily update meetings and activities.  As the coordinator and liaison between many vendors, I was responsible for ensuring clear and documented communication.  I assisted in proposing a phased implementation which allowed portions of the project to move ahead while other portions continued their design and development efforts.

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