General Technical Support

Client:  Braveheart Consulting

Date:  Current

I love technology and getting every last ounce out of technology in any way that I can.  Having written many user manuals, I actually do look at most user manuals that come across my horizon.  (Thank You Technical Writers!)  My friends and family all reach out to me with their computer questions, phone questions, DVR questions, and anything that has technology in it that they can’t figure out.  I have provided general technical support to Pam and BraveHeart Consulting for the past 7 years.  I’ve moved her to a new PC several times including moving all of her data and making sure all of her applications worked.  I’ve also solved numerous Windows errors and issues and helped her with synching across multiple devices and platforms.  While I’m not a Windows expert anymore, I trust my intuition and articles on the internet to continue to solve her day to day problems that arise.

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