sheila, a lady in purple shirt with bracelet

Hi, I'm Sheila and I'm your go to person for limitless possibilities!

Who I AM

I’m Sheila Franzen and I am your all around geek, web guru, consultant, mom, seeker and more! I have spent the past 10 years doing web development for friends and family and am stepping into making it a full time business venture for me. My background in computer science and programming along with 20+ years of management in Corporate America allow me to see the big picture of what you want to do and communicate at a level that matches your understanding. I have always loved technology and I provide the technology support for all of my family and close friends.

You'll also find my love of natural products, essential oils, alternative healing and the esoteric as I believe that we must integrate everything into what we do every day to find a wholistic balanced life!

Intuitive Problem Solving

My approach to problem solving is probably slightly different than most. First and foremost, problem solving comes easy to me and it always has. I am easily able to assess a situation and call on previous experience. What is unique for me is that I trust my intuition and the guides and Beings that work with me. If a solution isn't immediately available to me, I simply take a deep breath and ask. I ask for the solution to be shown to me. I ask 'What is the next step?'. Then I trust. This has never failed me!

My Support

I have these two beautiful helpers that remind me to find balance in my day to day drive at home. While I can sit at the computer for 8 hours straight, it isn't always the best thing for me. They remind me to take a break, notice them and offer them love.