I’m Sheila Franzen and I am your all around geek, web guru and consultant. I have spent the past 10 years doing web development for friends and family and am stepping into making it a full time business venture for me. My background in computer science and programming along with 20+ years of management in Corporate America allow me to see the big picture of what you want to do and communicate at a level that matches your understanding.

I have always loved technology and I provide the technology support for all of my family and close friends. It is what I love and enjoy and that one thing that I could stay up all night doing without realizing I had been up all night!

I look forward to helping you with your technology needs!



The history of the logo and it's meaning.

Why Me?

I excel at what I do and I know that delivery of any service requires many areas of expertise.

  • The project manager in me will make sure your requirements are understood and your timeline and budget are met.
  • The geek in me will build your site and the focus on quality will make sure that it is tested.
  • Having experienced many implementations, both small and large, I will make sure that the go-live and turnover to you are completed, including training and documentation!


Technology just seems to work for me. I am able to quickly understand new tools and am very good at getting the most out of any piece of technology, whether it be a phone, a gadget or the tools that I create websites with.



My experience as a software engineer, systems analyst and project manager have allowed me to understand and integrate many different systems of people and technology. I find the best hosted solutions and integrate them to automate as much of your business as you desire.



People have depended on me in every role I’ve played to ‘Get “Stuff” Done’! I have the commitment and the follow-through to get things done quickly and efficiently.