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Using Yoast SEO in Your Day To Day Blog Posting

I have been dong a lot of reading on SEO and attending Webinars. One of the most powerful ways to improve your search ranking is to have really good page descriptions and page titles. Previously I had used All in One SEO, which is great if you want to do everything! But, my focus is to simplify and provide tools that allow my clients to easily add value to their site as they do their own Blog’s and Page’s. I tried out Yoast after reading many reviews and it is definitely a simpler tool and more importantly, it provides incredibly clear instruction on each Blog or Page as far as what to do and whether your target keywords match your page title, which match your page description. When you install Yoast, this video is shown to help you understand exactly how to use the on page tools that they provide. Love it! Thanks Yoast!