My Logo

Category: Ponderings

It’s been over 7 years ago that I had this logo created using the service 99 Designs.  The site had just launched and I was putting up a website for myself .  My focus at this point was a blog site around living consciously.  I loved the logo so much that I choose to name my business accordingly. I’ve adjusted the colors to be brighter and bolder to match who I’ve become!

For me ‘LIMITLESSLY’ brings forth all of who I am and all of what is possible in everyone.  I strive to live life without limits.  I live as consciously as possible and bring awareness to all those around me.

Back to the logo….  The yin yang symbol represents balance.  Without balance, life doesn’t feel right, work doesn’t feel right, things don’t flow as easily.  The shadow of the infinity symbol in the logo represents infinite possibilities.

This is me.

This is who I am.

This is what I represent.