Creation of This Site

Category: Ponderings

I started my career as a developer and quickly moved into management as I have always seen the connections within, through and around people and processes.  I have spent years improving my leadership skills through collegiate education, corporate classwork, leadership development activities and numerous self-improvement weeks and weekends.

Yet, my love for technology never faded as I moved up the ladder and returned to project management.  I have more Apple devices in our house and family that I care to count.  I’m always the one supporting my family and friend with their technology questions and needs.

I’ve built word press sites for friends and colleagues for many years and am so in awe of what is available today.  I found this great template that guided me through what I should share about myself and my business.

I am incredibly inspired today as I find this place of allowing and sharing more of who I am and what I do!  We are complex beings with many life experiences.  It is challenging to find the simple words that convey the breadth and depth of what I offer.  May you find my energy in these words on this site.  I hope to hear from you or have the opportunity to work with you!